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The Shapes of Retirement Planning


Longevity risk is not only a planning risk for clients, it's a practice risk for retirement advisors. These advisors, and their corporate partners, are selling solutions for an unknown period – a lifetime. This unspecified, and likely long, duration creates a significant risk of compounding initial planning errors.

How do retirement advisors know their retirement “best practices” are best?

François Gadenne, entrepreneur and former executive director of the Retirement Income Industry Association® (RIIA®), leverages technology to research academic and industry papers on financial and retirement planning.     

Read a summary* of  “The Shapes of Retirement Planning: Are You a Curve, a Triangle, or a Rectangle?”, which highlights the core themes for

The Curve Triangle & Rectangle Institute℠ (CTRI℠).

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Comprehensive Approach


The Curve Triangle & Rectangle Institute

 is a not-for-profit, membership association focused on the validation of retirement research.

It is a fintech laboratory using descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics to translate research into action. CTRI provides members with industry-wide sources and in-depth insights for product development, advisory process solutions, and client engagement models. 

CTRI’s analytics provides protective and validating support, ranging from general sales models to customized “conceptual mining” of a library of financial papers.

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Members are executives of financial services companies providing services, products, and software solutions to retirement advisors. These executives understand the strategic importance, and risk, of retirement planning. They, and the advisors they support, rely upon research to justify “best practices”. 

CTRI members benefit from a combination of academic research and financial technologies that provide: Controlled experimentation with disruptive technologies, access to cross-silo thinking and solutions, and managed innovation risk by keeping the necessary failures on a small scale before the vetted, winning solutions can be scaled up internally.

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