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The Shapes of Retirement Planning


Over the past 30 years, CTRI’s founders have led businesses through the “Curve” (Modern Portfolio Theory), “Triangle” (Behavioral Finance), and “Rectangle” (Household Balance Sheet) approaches to financial planning. 

CTRI is the next step to discover, and develop what comes next. 

Experience suggests that it will not start as the consensus view. 


Read a summary* of  “The Shapes of Retirement Planning: Are You a Curve, a Triangle, or a Rectangle?”, which highlights the core themes for

The Curve Triangle & Rectangle Institute℠ (CTRI℠).

*For the full CTR paper, visit the download area below.

Comprehensive Approach


How do you refresh your competitive advantage?

Who walks on your behalf into the fog of innovation?

What answers cannot be found inside the institution?

CTRI answers these questions by exploring the deep connections between vertical (in-silo) research papers written by academics and practitioners. We take the time to understand the science behind high-value discoveries. We reveal otherwise unseen opportunities for competitive advantage. We look for the powerful ideas that are not widely known, flag the false positive findings, and validate the information that can be transformed into better business practices, or new ventures.  

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We are a not-for-profit  forum for financial industry, C-suite leaders seeking access to an experienced, trusted, and independent view of research and innovation. Membership is by invitation. 

Regular Members are product manufacturers/distributors seeking to improve best practices, are first to receive research results, and provide governance. 

Start-up Members have access to research results and are technology vendors/fintech start-ups seeking to implement new solutions.

Full research results are not publicly available.

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